Windsurfing Gifts for the Holidays

Windsurfers love windsurfing gifts!  Nothing will excite your windsurfing friend, wife, husband (or any other windsurfer) more than a quick and easy gift chosen from the list below:

  1. Gift Certificates– You just can’t go wrong here.
  2. The Windsurfing Movie II ($29.99)- Just released, this DVD is a “Must Have” for any windsurfer’s winter entertainment.
  3. Neil Pryde Open Palm Mittens ($29.99)- Give the gift of warm hands for their winter sessions!
  4. Dakine Windsurfing Harnesses ($65-$150)- Give their back the support it deserves!
  5. New Footstraps ($15-$25 each)- Nothing freshens up the look of an older board like a new set of footstraps!
  6. A new high wind sail ($400-$700)- Windsurfers hate spending some dough on a piece of equipment that only comes out a few times per season (the truly epic days), which makes this the PERFECT gift, because they’d never splurge on one themselves!!
  7. A new SUP ($750-$1500)- Guaranteed family fun!  Everyone will love seeing one of these under the tree!
  8. Neil Pryde High Hook Flotation Vest ($84.95)- Give the gift of safe sailing with this flotation vest, specifically designed for use with windsurfing/kiteboarding harnesses.
  9. Private Windsurfing Lessons ($40/hour)-  Give the gift of knowledge!  Nothing ignites the passion like learning a new trick, going faster, or nailing the elusive jibe!
  10. Skateboards ($110-$200)- When the water’s frozen, or the wind is light, nothing beats a good skate sesh!  Not to mention the infinite potential of skate sailing!

Feel free to call or email if you’d like some help with personal gift recommendations.

For guaranteed delivery by December 24th, please order before 11AM on Friday, December 17th.  SUPs and Windsurfing boards must be ordered before Friday, December 10th to ensure timely delivery.  All delivery is subject to item availability.