A short helmet cam video, and (Road) Surfing

Hi-  I’ve been slacking on the vids lately.  So, first things first, here is a short helmet cam clip from Thursday’s freestyle sesh:

Freestyle Windsurfing, POV from Andy McKinney on Vimeo.

Visualizing is pretty important if you’re trying to progress in windsurfing, so I guess the helmet cam is pretty good for that.  But in all honesty, I like the clew mount videos much more because I think you get a better feel for the whole picture of what’s going on.

Anyway, we’ve had a good bit of wind most everyday lately, and the surf has been just absolutely bombing!  It’s almost too big to really do anything with at the moment.  The buoy topped out at about 15 feet at 15 seconds yesterday, which is just massive.  To put it in perspective, 3 feet at 15 seconds turns into well overhead bombs on our sandbars…  This picture is from up high on the dunes on the southside, where the swell had already been knocked down by Diamond Shoals and wrapped around a 90 degree bend in the island:

That line of white water running completely across the bottom of the photo was probably at least head high, to put things in perspective!

So Stuart, Anne, Banana and I just drove around all afternoon looking for a rideable spot, finally gave up, bought a 6 pack of beer and went fishing…

It ended up being a really fun day, but as far as I’m concerned, road surfing…
… is for the birds!

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  1. Guess you have that island just about to yourself lately. I'm sooo ready to get back.

    I've been road surfin myself a bit. Looking for open access for street sailing and hills to carve. Instead of concrete and buildings I'm starting to see all the comforts of tasty sets.

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