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Cape Hatteras is a long, narrow barrier island located off the coast of North Carolina.  The island is shaped like a boomerang, with a shallow, flatwater inside section named the Pamlico Sound, and beaches exposed to the Atlantic Ocean on the other side.

Windsurfing conditions can vary greatly in different spots on the same day- You might find butter flat water for freestyle or speed runs, and a mere 100 yards away there could be perfectly peeling mast high waves!!  This guide is intended to help you decide upon your launch point, depending on wind direction, skill level, and desired water texture.

You’ll also find some hints to help you choose a vacation date, and guarantee that you make the most of your valuable time while you’re here.

The consistency of our winds and forgiving nature of the soundside water conditions make Hatteras Island a terrific place to work on those core windsurfing skills, or to try pushing yourself to the next level.  And if the lure of big jumps and down the line wavesailing is calling to you, look no further than the Atlantic Ocean to test your limits.

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