Spring is Here!

It’s time to put the skis back in the closet and start thinking Spring! The last few weeks have been amazingly warm and windy here in Cape Hatteras- my 3.6 and 4.2m sails have been getting a workout! If that’s any indication of the Spring to come, we are going to have an awesome season!

We have a ton of new windsurf and stand up paddle board equipment coming to Wind-NC over the next few weeks! You can expect to see 2011 stuff from all of your favorite brands, like RRD, Tabou, Starboard, Gaastra, Naish, Sailworks, World Sails, Chinook, Dakine, Aeron, and some cool new surprises for you guys, too!

We’re now proud to be handling the gorgeous touring stand up paddle boards from Tahoe SUP. I’m also really excited to announce our latest fin product lines- We’ll be fully stocked with Makani Fins and KaKu Freestyle and Freestyle Wave weed fins, including lots of demos for you to try before you buy. And last but not least- we’ve been fans of GoPro waterproof cameras for years now, experimenting with all sorts of different angles and catching some amazing visuals. Well, we’re stoked to now be official dealers for the GoPro HERO HD waterproof cameras– the latest batch of cameras from these guys are amazing- they’re truly an incredible product! Come check ’em out and get one of your own!!

We’re also hosting a number of great events this Spring- including clinics, parties, races, and all sorts of stuff. Check out the details on our Events page!

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. It can’t hurt to make rental or lesson reservations in advance as we’re booking up quickly. And, if you have any specific boards or sails on your wish list, please call or email in advance to make sure that we have exactly what you’re looking for!  Our contact details are here.

Thanks everyone, hope to see ya’ll soon in lovely, windy Cape Hatteras!!

Windsurfing Gifts for the Holidays

Windsurfers love windsurfing gifts!  Nothing will excite your windsurfing friend, wife, husband (or any other windsurfer) more than a quick and easy gift chosen from the list below:

  1. Gift Certificates– You just can’t go wrong here.
  2. The Windsurfing Movie II ($29.99)- Just released, this DVD is a “Must Have” for any windsurfer’s winter entertainment.
  3. Neil Pryde Open Palm Mittens ($29.99)- Give the gift of warm hands for their winter sessions!
  4. Dakine Windsurfing Harnesses ($65-$150)- Give their back the support it deserves!
  5. New Footstraps ($15-$25 each)- Nothing freshens up the look of an older board like a new set of footstraps!
  6. A new high wind sail ($400-$700)- Windsurfers hate spending some dough on a piece of equipment that only comes out a few times per season (the truly epic days), which makes this the PERFECT gift, because they’d never splurge on one themselves!!
  7. A new SUP ($750-$1500)- Guaranteed family fun!  Everyone will love seeing one of these under the tree!
  8. Neil Pryde High Hook Flotation Vest ($84.95)- Give the gift of safe sailing with this flotation vest, specifically designed for use with windsurfing/kiteboarding harnesses.
  9. Private Windsurfing Lessons ($40/hour)-  Give the gift of knowledge!  Nothing ignites the passion like learning a new trick, going faster, or nailing the elusive jibe!
  10. Skateboards ($110-$200)- When the water’s frozen, or the wind is light, nothing beats a good skate sesh!  Not to mention the infinite potential of skate sailing!

Feel free to call or email if you’d like some help with personal gift recommendations.

For guaranteed delivery by December 24th, please order before 11AM on Friday, December 17th.  SUPs and Windsurfing boards must be ordered before Friday, December 10th to ensure timely delivery.  All delivery is subject to item availability.

New Windsurfing Gear Arrivals

Head’s up- The store is brimming with new windsurfing gear for you to check out on your Fall trip!  We’ve received a ton of stuff in the last few weeks, with more coming in almost every day!  For example, we have:

Aeron V-Grip Aluminum Booms starting at $269

The 2011 Gaastra IQ 5.0!  Best Wave Sail Ever!!

2009 and 2010 Gaastra Sails like the Manic HD, Poison, and Swift!

2010 Naish Sails!!!  AND Naish SUPs on the way!  All-Terrains, Sprints, Boxer SLs, and Glides, Manas, Nalus, and Hokuas!!

2010 Naish All-Terrain 5.0
Super Light Naish Sail Scrim

Sailworks Retros including a closeout 5.0 for you to break the Speed Record with!

More and More RRD Windsurfing and Standup Paddleboards!  FSW 120s, 105s, a WaveTwin 99 for you to demo, the twin fin FireRide 155, and Wood Diamond 10’6″ and 11′ SUPs!

More and more Tabou windsurfing boards including Rockets and the best bump and jump board ever- the 3S 76!

World Sail Surges and Blasts, starting at just $409 Brand New!!

World Sail Blast 7.5

Chinook hardware by the truckload!

A full selection of NoLimitz masts!

What else??  Who knows!  Swing by the shop and check it out!!

Windsurfing Equipment for the Hatteras Fall Season

The Hatteras Fall Windsurfing Season is quickly approaching!  I’m in the process of placing orders to re-stock the shop with windsurfing gear, and would love to know if you have any specific requests.  It’s impossible for me to stock everything under the sun, so don’t leave it to chance if you really need to have that Pink 3.7 Gaastra Manic!  Please let me know and I’ll have whatever you want ready and waiting for your Cape Hatteras Windsurfing Trip.  Contact me by email or phone, whichever is more convenient for you. I’m happy to help you weed through the plethora of gear options, too, so give me a call if you need any help choosing the right product for your needs.  Hefty discounts may apply to pre-ordered closeout gear!!

RRD and Tabou Windsurf Boards

The following is a list of windsurfing brands that I’m a dealer for:

Roberto Ricci Designs windsurfing boards, sails, and stand up paddleboards

Tabou windsurfing boards

Starboard windsurfing boards and stand up paddleboards

Naish windsurfing boards, sails, and stand up paddleboards

Gaastra windsurfing sails

Sailworks windsurfing sails and masts

World Sails windsurfing sails

NoLimitz windsurfing RDM masts

Chinook booms and hardware

Aeron booms

Dakine windsurfing harnesses and accessories

Neil Pryde Waterwear

Let’s get that wish list together and make sure you’re ready to hit the water this Fall!

Plenty of New Arrivals

Hey hey- Head’s up-  We’ve had lots of stuff showing up in the last few weeks, including some great new gear from Dakine (harnesses, rashguards, T-Shirts, rack pads and straps, SUP accessories, harness lines, mono-lines, backpacks, etc etc), some brand new SUPs from Boardworks in the 11′ and 12′ sizes, Severne Synergy Windsurfing Rigs, Gaastra Windsurfing Sails (including the 2011 IQ)…  the list just goes on and on!  Swing by the shop and check out some of the goodies!

Fully Stocked Skateboard Section

Arbor, Sector9, Gravity, Element, Habitat, Girl...

If you’re on Hatteras Island and looking for skateboards, we’ve got ’em!  Decks, Wheels, Trucks, Bearings, Bushings, Shortboard and Longboard Completes!  We just received a giant shipment of Arbor Longboards, and man they are looking sick!  Everything from the 26″ Pocket Rocket Bamboo Deck (Complete with 8″ Gullwing Mission trucks and Arbor 65mm 78a street wheels) to The 44″ Blunt (Complete with 10″ Gullwing Chargers and 70mm 78a wheels).  The Arbors all have either a Bamboo or Hawaiian Koa top sheet on ’em- sustainably farmed, and carefully oriented to produce a one of a kind flex return.  All wood by-product is reclaimed for re-use, and the ultra clear grip is composed of long lasting crushed recycled glass.  So, not only do these sticks rip, but they’re very carefully put together to reduce strain on our environment.  Ditch your car, save on gas, and Skate To Work or School!!!

If you’re more of a park rat, swing on by and check out the decks and completes from Element, Habitat, Girl, PlanB, Alien Workshop, Speed Demons, and Hoopla.    Also, Wheels from Spitfire, Bearings from Bones, Lucky and HKD, and Trucks from Independent, Theeve, Royal, Thunder, and Randall.

Independent, Theeve, Thunder, Royal, and Randall Trucks

New Tabou Windsurf Boards In Stock

We’ve had a bunch of shipments come in over the last few days- Including some new Tabou boards!  They are looking SICK!!

Check a few of ’em out-

2010 Tabou 3S 96 LTD $1899
2010 Tabou Rocket 135 $1599
My Favorite- The Tabou Twister 100 $1999

I’d show you some of the other boards, but my camera batteries just died…  Anyway, the Twister 100 and the Rocket 135 will be going into the demo fleet, so swing on by and try ’em out!

New Wind-NC T-Shirts are in!

Man, we have been rockin’ and rollin’ in the shop- Non-Stop wind and warm temps surely helps the cause!  Anyway, we’ve had lots of new gear show up in the last few weeks, like Chinook’s brand new Pro-Alloy booms, starting at just $225.  Everyone has been loving the Neil Pryde “High Hook” Flotation Vest, too- built specifically for use with windsurfing harnesses ($84.95).

We just received some new shop T-Shirts, as well.  Check ’em out:

Black shirts, large logo on the back, small text across the chest. Available in Medium through XXL
White Shirts, large logo on the back, small text across the chest. Available in Small through XXL

$20 per shirt, and we can ship a T-Shirt anywhere in the US FOR FREE!

Giant Shipment of RRD!

Ken and I have been hard at work unpacking and putting footstraps on a giant shipment of Roberto Ricci Designs (RRD) Windsurfing and SUP Boards. I never get blisters from windsurfing, but hand screwing more than 150 footstrap screws will take it out of you! Anyway, the boards are looking absolutely beautiful, so swing by the shop and check ’em out!

Ken Unpacks the RRDs

A Few Hours Later...

We received:

2010 RRD LongRider ($1525)(SOLD)

2010 RRD 11′ SUP ($1249)(SOLD)

2010 RRD WaveTwin 90 ($1950)

2010 RRD Twintip 109 ($1960)

2010 RRD FSW 85 X Tech ($1750)(SOLD)

2010 RRD FSW 96 X Tech ($1750)(SOLD)

2010 RRD FSW 101 Limited ($1950)(SOLD)

2010 RRD FSW 115 X Tech Twin Fin ($1650)(SOLD)

2010 RRD FSW 120 Limited ($1950)(SOLD)

2010 RRD Fireride 125 ($1650)(SOLD)

2010 RRD Fireride 135 ($1650)(SOLD)

2010 RRD Fireride 145 ($1650)

2009 RRD Wave Cult 85 ($1399)

2009 RRD Wave Cult 90 ($1399)

2009 RRD FSW 95 X-Tech ($1319)(SOLD)

2009 RRD FSW 100 X-Tech ($1319)(SOLD)

2009 RRD FSW 115 Limited ($1519)(SOLD)

Stocked up!

Just a quick head’s up- the shop is getting full to the brim with goodies for y’all to check out on your next Hatteras vacation!  I received a whole bunch of stuff from Sailworks, Chinook, MFC Fins, Gath Helmets, DVDs like Four Dimensions and Guy Cribb’s Intuition, etc etc….  We are ready to rock and roll!  Give me a shout if you have anything specific you want to see- If I don’t have it in stock, I’ll do my best to get it so that you can check it out!

Hope to see you soon!


NoLimitz Masts!

New to the shop this year are NoLimitz Skinny Masts! I received a whole bunch of ’em, just in time to test out the 400cm Original in my 4.7 yesterday afternoon. What a nice mast! The finish is very impressive, and it has a very responsive feel. It was most noticeable while pumping up onto a plane- The mast really had a nice, responsive flex! Good stuff, I’m stoked, and can’t wait to try out some of the other sizes in my different sails.

NoLimitz RDM Masts, by the bushel!

I have almost every make and model NoLimitz Mast available for purchase or demo, so swing by the shop and pick one up! They’re bombproof, and best of all, MADE IN THE USA!!

New Aeron Windsurfing Booms Have Arrived!!

Aeron Booms have been available in Europe for quite some time, but have just recently been opened up to the US marketplace.  Their aluminum booms are a great product at a very competitive price, starting at just $209.  All of the booms that I have in stock (The MCT and the V-Grip) feature a monocoque front end, which means that the boom arm tubing is one continuous piece from one adjustment collar, all the way around, through the front end, and back to the other adjustment collar.  This provides a very strong, stiff boom because there are fewer joints to flex and potentially fail.

Grip diameters on the MCT start at a teeny tiny 26mm for lightweights or people with small hands, but most average size people will be totally pleased with the already small 29mm booms.  MCT sizes range from:

  • 140-190cm, 26 or 29mm grip, $209
  • 150-200cm, 26 or 29mm grip, $219
  • 175-225cm, 29mm grip, $229
  • 190-240cm, 29mm grip, $239
Pile O' Booms!
Pile O' Booms!!

MCT Front End, includes RDM shim!
Nice Curves!
Nice Graphics and Adjustment System

I also received one Aeron V-Grip in this shipment.  They are tough to get!  The V-Grip is totally new animal, and it looks pretty sweet!  The boom arms have a pretty cool V shape to them that provides extra stiffness and a really nice feel in the hands.  They’re a touch heavier than the standard construction, but the extra stiffness and cool feel probably makes up for the weight.  The shape doesn’t really show up in pictures very well, but here’s a cool cross section view:

Give me a shout or email if you want me to put your name on any of these booms!  I can ship straight to you, or hold one for pickup at the shop.  My contact info is in the little blue box to the right.