Sunset Session Video!

Well, I was cleaning up the ol’ computer and came across a bunch of video footage that I had totally forgotten about! VT Don was nice enough to film a sunset session at the Canadian Hole. It’s from the same day that we had all headed out to the Reef for the dawn sesh. Needless to say, we were all pretty pooched by this point, but we went out and had some fun anyway. If I remember correctly, I was pretty well juiced on a 4.2.

So, lucky you, you get a new video to watch : ) Enjoy!

Sunset Bump and Jump from Andy McKinney on Vimeo.

Back to reality : )

Just got back to NC! The first thing I heard, upon exiting the car, was a wave breaking. Gotta love being across the street from the beach! And the first thing I did was take off all the layers I was wearing- it’s downright balmy down here compared to the 2 degrees F we left up in VT! Here are a few more pics from my last days traveling up North:

Me, Dale, Anne, Erin (and Banana). Cold sunset atop Mt Philo

That’s Lake Champlain in the valley and the Adirondacks across the way

You know it’s cold when there isn’t a cloud in the sky…

Meg’s idyllic Vermont country home

Anne and I joined Keith, Martine, Donny, and Anne at Wendy and Roland’s house the other night. We all started trading stories of our first windsurfing experiences, remembering tie-on booms, gusty lakes, and 50 pound longboards! Donny recalled learning to uphaul at the lighthouse in big nor’easters! Unbelievable, ha!! Man, this sport has come a long way in a few short years…

If you’ve still got some vacation time leftover after the holidays, now’s a good time to use it! Tuesday afternoon through Sunday has some serious potential! Can’t wait to get wet again… Hope to see you out there!