Hatteras Wave Jam Week!!

The 2010 Hatteras Wave Jam is poised to begin!  This is the fourth installment of the Hatteras Windsurfing Festival Series, and it just gets better and better every time!  It looks like we’ll have plenty of waves, and our fingers are crossed for some decent wind during the event window.  The forecast models keep changing directions and velocities, keeping us on our toes in anticipation.  But hey, if the wind doesn’t show, we have plenty of SUPs to get you guys and gals out there enjoying the water!  One thing is for sure- we’re going to have plenty of wave action as Hurricane Igor builds steam and pushes us some swell!

Starting Wednesday morning (September 15th, 2010), we’ll have Daily 10AM Skipper’s Meetings here at Wind-NC.  During these meetings, we’ll discuss the plan of action for the day- where to go, what to expect, what type of gear to bring, etc etc.  Feel free to purchase that 85 liter wave board you’ve been eying up 🙂

Wind-NC is also hosting a Free Evening Clinic on Thursday night, starting at 7PM.  The clinic will focus on basic wavesailing technique and equipment tuning, safety, and how to keep your gear and body intact while negotiating a wave break.  I’m happy to move along at the pace of the group, so if y’all are more interested in learning about aerial-off-the-lips than dealing with shorebreak, just let me know.  This is an informal gathering.  Coaching and snacks/refreshments will be provided courtesy of Wind-NC!  Feel free to support the stoke by purchasing any little odds and ends you may need- The store will be open before, during, and after the clinic!

Hope to see y’all there (here)!!  Feel free to contact the shop if you have any questions:  252-995-4400