Announcing the 2010 Hatteras Wave Jam

Mark your calendars, folks! The 2010 Hatteras Wave Jam is being held Wednesday through Saturday, September 15-18, 2010. The main goal is to get aspiring wave sailors out into the ocean, improving your technique and self confidence, so that you can safely take your sailing to the next level. This event is designed specifically for Ocean Sailing Noobies! The only prerequisites are:

  • you need to be able to confidently waterstart
  • you need to be a strong and confident swimmer in rough water

If you can handle that, and you’re interested in experiencing the unbelievable thrill of windsurfing in the waves, then you can handle the Wave Jam!

It’s going to be a heck of an event- Head organizer Bill Bell has been putting mega effort into this year’s plans. We’ve come up with this super rad schedule:

  • Wed Sept 15
    Morning: 10:00am Event Registration/Skippers Meeting: Wind-NC, Avon
    Day: Freeform/Expression session;
    Night: Wave Jam Welcome gathering at Atlantic Coast Cafe, Avon
  • Thurs Sept 16
    Morning: Skippers Meeting – 10:30am: Wind-NC, Avon
    Day: Freeform/Expression session;
    Night: Wave Sailing Clinic at Wind-NC
    – sponsor prizes giveaway!
  • Friday Sept 17
    Morning: Skippers Meeting – 10:30am: Wind-NC, Avon
    Day: Beast of the East III competition;
    Night: Hatteras Wave Jam Party at OceanAir Sports featuring the Hatteras premier of The Windsurfing Movie II, raffle for some killer prizes including new 2010 windsurfing sails from Goya, RRD, and MauiSails, live music, food and beverages!
  • Saturday Sept 18
    Morning: Skippers Meeting – 10:30am: Wind-NC, Avon
    Day: BoE III competition;
    Night: Sunset beach cookout and awards presentation to wrap Hatteras Wave Jam 2010.
  • Sunday Sept 19
    Backup day, though if conditions are good, likely Freeform/Expression sesh

All day and night events will include photo and video coverage for Event media. All night events start at 7:30pm. The Freeform/Expression Sessions are geared towards fun sailing and noobies. The Beast of the East is a structured wavesailing contest with brackets for all ability levels, noobie up to pro!

Check out this promo video to get you stoked up for the event:

Booyah! Looks fun, eh?? Well, what are you waiting for? Sign yourself up! If you need a place to stay, we even have some prime rental houses blocked off with Sun Realty, at reduced rates, for you and your friends to rent!