Giant Shipment of RRD!

Ken and I have been hard at work unpacking and putting footstraps on a giant shipment of Roberto Ricci Designs (RRD) Windsurfing and SUP Boards. I never get blisters from windsurfing, but hand screwing more than 150 footstrap screws will take it out of you! Anyway, the boards are looking absolutely beautiful, so swing by the shop and check ’em out!

Ken Unpacks the RRDs

A Few Hours Later...

We received:

2010 RRD LongRider ($1525)(SOLD)

2010 RRD 11′ SUP ($1249)(SOLD)

2010 RRD WaveTwin 90 ($1950)

2010 RRD Twintip 109 ($1960)

2010 RRD FSW 85 X Tech ($1750)(SOLD)

2010 RRD FSW 96 X Tech ($1750)(SOLD)

2010 RRD FSW 101 Limited ($1950)(SOLD)

2010 RRD FSW 115 X Tech Twin Fin ($1650)(SOLD)

2010 RRD FSW 120 Limited ($1950)(SOLD)

2010 RRD Fireride 125 ($1650)(SOLD)

2010 RRD Fireride 135 ($1650)(SOLD)

2010 RRD Fireride 145 ($1650)

2009 RRD Wave Cult 85 ($1399)

2009 RRD Wave Cult 90 ($1399)

2009 RRD FSW 95 X-Tech ($1319)(SOLD)

2009 RRD FSW 100 X-Tech ($1319)(SOLD)

2009 RRD FSW 115 Limited ($1519)(SOLD)

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  1. Still dreaming about the lovely Fireride 125 that I rented for a week recently – My first jibes on a short board!

    One of these days I’ll get to call one my own…

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