Introducing: Ken Ahrendt

Wind-NC's New Employee Ken

Ken will be helping me out this Spring at the shop.  He has a long history of windsurfing, starting with his time at the St. Mary’s College of Maryland where he served as the President of the Windsurfing Club.  He also spent a few years living the dream in Maui, teaching windsurfing and running sailboat charters- but the lure of Hatteras Island’s winds brought him back to the East Coast to hit the slicks, sounds, and Atlantic Ocean waves.

All of you heavyweights out there will appreciate Ken’s input- He’s 6’3″ and ~200 pounds, so he knows what it takes to get you guys moving.

Ken will be growing a mustache over the next few weeks.  Mention it and receive 1% off your next purchase at Wind-NC!!  Beat it with a better mustache and receive 2% off your next purchase at Wind-NC!!

4 Replies to “Introducing: Ken Ahrendt”

  1. Hi Ken! Yay for you on working with Andy. My daughter is all set to go to St. Mary’s College of MD in August. She is there today for incoming freshman orientation. I think Sam and Sarah will watch out for her.

    Andy! Congrats on the new store. GET IT ON!

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