Mustache Update

For those of you hoping to take advantage of the mustache discount, you’re in for a tough race…  Ken is now sporting a mean ‘stache:

Remember- Mention his stache and receive 1% off your next purchase at Wind-NC!  Beat it with a better mustache of your own, and receive 2% off your next purchase!

There are some rules- the mustache must stand alone- No beards allowed!  Sorry, Ralph!

Giant Shipment of RRD!

Ken and I have been hard at work unpacking and putting footstraps on a giant shipment of Roberto Ricci Designs (RRD) Windsurfing and SUP Boards. I never get blisters from windsurfing, but hand screwing more than 150 footstrap screws will take it out of you! Anyway, the boards are looking absolutely beautiful, so swing by the shop and check ’em out!

Ken Unpacks the RRDs

A Few Hours Later...

We received:

2010 RRD LongRider ($1525)(SOLD)

2010 RRD 11′ SUP ($1249)(SOLD)

2010 RRD WaveTwin 90 ($1950)

2010 RRD Twintip 109 ($1960)

2010 RRD FSW 85 X Tech ($1750)(SOLD)

2010 RRD FSW 96 X Tech ($1750)(SOLD)

2010 RRD FSW 101 Limited ($1950)(SOLD)

2010 RRD FSW 115 X Tech Twin Fin ($1650)(SOLD)

2010 RRD FSW 120 Limited ($1950)(SOLD)

2010 RRD Fireride 125 ($1650)(SOLD)

2010 RRD Fireride 135 ($1650)(SOLD)

2010 RRD Fireride 145 ($1650)

2009 RRD Wave Cult 85 ($1399)

2009 RRD Wave Cult 90 ($1399)

2009 RRD FSW 95 X-Tech ($1319)(SOLD)

2009 RRD FSW 100 X-Tech ($1319)(SOLD)

2009 RRD FSW 115 Limited ($1519)(SOLD)

Free Clinic Thursday 4/22/2010 9AM!

Head’s Up! We’re holding a free windsurfing clinic at the shop on Thursday morning at 9AM!! The clinic subject is “Sport Specific Stretching” and focuses on freeing up our necks, backs, and chests. Our local massage therapist and yoga instructor, Pam Bailey, will be our instructor!  How cool is that??

Don’t forget to bring a towel to lay on!

Introducing: Ken Ahrendt

Wind-NC's New Employee Ken

Ken will be helping me out this Spring at the shop.  He has a long history of windsurfing, starting with his time at the St. Mary’s College of Maryland where he served as the President of the Windsurfing Club.  He also spent a few years living the dream in Maui, teaching windsurfing and running sailboat charters- but the lure of Hatteras Island’s winds brought him back to the East Coast to hit the slicks, sounds, and Atlantic Ocean waves.

All of you heavyweights out there will appreciate Ken’s input- He’s 6’3″ and ~200 pounds, so he knows what it takes to get you guys moving.

Ken will be growing a mustache over the next few weeks.  Mention it and receive 1% off your next purchase at Wind-NC!!  Beat it with a better mustache and receive 2% off your next purchase at Wind-NC!!

Stocked up!

Just a quick head’s up- the shop is getting full to the brim with goodies for y’all to check out on your next Hatteras vacation!  I received a whole bunch of stuff from Sailworks, Chinook, MFC Fins, Gath Helmets, DVDs like Four Dimensions and Guy Cribb’s Intuition, etc etc….  We are ready to rock and roll!  Give me a shout if you have anything specific you want to see- If I don’t have it in stock, I’ll do my best to get it so that you can check it out!

Hope to see you soon!