Hatteras Windsurfing Guide- Sound Launch- The Reef

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The Reef is located a few miles out in the middle of the Pamlico Sound. The water depth goes abruptly from very shallow to very deep, which gives all the deep water rolling windswell a spot to stand up and break on. This is a really fun bump and jump spot, and you can even practice some backside wavesailing techniques on the “waves.”

Getting there: Launch from anywhere soundside, from the Canadian Hole north to Rodanthe.  Generally speaking, the further south you are, the farther out The Reef is, and the further north you are, the closer it is.  It also is generally a less abrupt water depth change in the northern spots, so expect more rolling swell if you launch from Salvo north, and more abruptly breaking waves if you launch in the Avon area.  A popular public launch spot is the sand road 1/8 mile north of Avon (aka. Transformers, Power Station, etc).  It is the sand road with a triple power pole at the entrance.  4wd recommended, but not totally necessary. If in a 2wd vehicle, lower air pressure and don’t drive all the way to the water- pull to the side before you get to the looser sand. Check the map:

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If you sail to The Reef, make sure you bring a few friends with you, since it’s out in the middle of nowhere! Keep an eye on each other, and never go off on your own. Breaking down or getting hurt out at the reef can lead to some serious situations due to the isolation of the spot.  Be Safe!!

Keep an eye out for fish nets, as well. These are denoted by two brightly colored buoys spaced 20-50 yards apart. The net runs in between the buoys, so that’s the place you want to avoid.

Otherwise, have fun, and GO HUGE!!!

Reef Run! from Andy McKinney on Vimeo.