2 Different Days, 2 Different Swells

Winter in Hatteras can just be so unbelievable!  Feast or famine…  After a total letdown for wind over the weekend, Momma Nature made up for it with two incredible back to back swells, warm(er) temps, and sunshine!  Monday saw a bombing south swell hitting the Frisco and Hatteras beaches, with perfect, light offshore winds.  Man, I ate some $(*& out there!  The South swell was followed closely by today’s quickly building North swell hitting all of the East facing beaches.  Man, I ate some (*$& out there!  Tomorrow looks to be insane, with light offshore winds forecast and a peaking North swell!  Unbelievable…  Man, I’m going to eat some (*&$ out there!  Luckily, all this ($(*$ tastes pretty darn good!

Moon set over the pier
Barreling set under the pier

I think I’ve dripped about a gallon of water out of my sinuses over the last two days.  And only one casualty so far (knock on wood)- Stuart gave himself a pretty solid fat lip this afternoon.  Sweet!!

Keep an eye on the wind towards the end of the week- It might get pretty crazy out here!

3 Replies to “2 Different Days, 2 Different Swells”

  1. Yup, this weekend is gonna go off. I'm dieing up here, haven't been on the water in over 2 weeks now, not since that epic news yrs sesh in Lewes.

    No worries:it all begins friday- Friday-NE 30 seas at 10 feet. Yahhh

  2. Why is it that Stuart is always the one getting hurt? Pretty much every 3-4 months I can count on some story of Stuart busting his lip, breaking his arm, stitches in his hand, gun shot wound, etc. That man spent all of his luck getting to Hatteras.

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