No Wind, Teeny Tiny Waves, BUT LOTS OF…..

…… FISH!!!!  Black Fin Tuna, Puppy Drum, Stripers…

We have been eating like Kings lately!  Stuart lucked out with a place on a boat the other day, and took a trip to the Gulf Stream.  He sent me a bunch of cool pictures- Check ’em out:

It gets all foggy out at the Gulf Stream because of the interaction between warm water (~75F) and cold air (~35F).

The seas tend to be pretty rough, too.

Well, rough enough that Tyler needed to “look overboard” a few times!

All of their hard work ended with this:   (Lucky me!)

So I got inspired, finally went and bought a license, borrowed Drew’s rod, stood shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of friendly guys and gals pulling in Drum after Drum after Drum all around me, made sure to use the same setup as everyone else, and didn’t catch a dang thing but seaweed and my neighbor’s lines!  Hahaha!  Beginner’s bad luck, I guess 🙂  Oh well, try try again… 

I did see a few Harbor Seals on the beach, though, which is pretty cool.

It looks like we’re going to get some crazy weather this weekend, so keep an eye on Sunday/Monday as potentially great days for windsurfing!

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  1. i've been out to the Gulf Stream once on a sports fishing trip. its amazing out there.

    ps-i miss Hatteras.

    pss-solid Assategue forecast this weekend. gonna tear it up!

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