Medium Rare

Dan and I grabbed a quickie sesh yesterday afternoon- Lit up 4.2 conditions and cold cold cold!  Turns out, it was just in the nick of time, as the sound has frozen over last night…

That’s something you don’t see everyday- Yikes!  Luckily, we’ve got two things working in our favor:
1) The sound follows the air temperature pretty closely.  We’ve got a big 65F Southerly gale on the forecast maps for this weekend, so my fingers are crossed for liquid water, soon!
2)  The ocean is right across the street, and sits at a relatively balmy ~45F.
Speaking of which…  Time for a SUP sesh with Stu!  The report is waist high, super clean, and, well, an empty lineup.  Can’t imagine why?

4 Replies to “Medium Rare”

  1. I'm heading down Thursday night and staying through the weekend. My plan is for waist deep sound sailing. I'm not sure if I could handle surf sailing with mittens and less-than-optimum forearms. But if it's warm enough to take the gloves off….?

  2. Careful with sailing through bits of ice…I put several razorblade-like slits in the bottom of a board doing this a few years ago. On the other hand I haven't had a boom in my hand for 18 days myself (exactly) so I'd be out there if I could!

  3. Thanks for the ice warning. What about razorblade-like slits in your forehead from crashes? With a numb face and icecream headache you wouldn't know you were cut until the blood obscured your vision! Hopefully this is all moot due to a forecast warming trend.

  4. Hey Ken, can't wait to see ya! And don't worry- the sound is free and clear of ice again. Although the ocean water is substantially warmer at the moment….

    Thanks for the head's up PP! How about some skate sailing to pass the time til warmer weather?

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