The Venus Flytrap

Due West winds are the preferred direction for sailing the Buxton Slick.  Today, we had plenty!  Stuart and I sailed our 3.7s completely maxed out.  With that much wind, the Slick was no longer a slick.  In fact, there was so much extra water piled up (due to the strong winds) that only about 30% of the normal land mass was exposed…  leaving our normal stomping grounds a mess of micro-psycho-chop…

So we foraged further

         to a place

                     Stuart has dubbed

The Venus Flytrap
Where the water is so smooth, and the wind so strong (and gusty) (and shifty) that the most routine endeavor becomes either effortless or impossible.  More often than not, my luck swayed to the impossible side of things!
Regardless, it was a pretty sick way to finish off my 2009 season!  Cheers, to an even windier 2010!!!!
Come along for the ride- here are 2 minutes of GoPro action, straight from this morning’s session:

Windsurfing “The Venus Flytrap” from Andy McKinney on Vimeo.

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  1. Hi Pete- I mounted the camera hanging down from the clew end of the boom. There are instructions somewhere on the blog… maybe search for clew mount camera or boom mount camera instructions or something similar to find them.

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