Repetition is key…  Stuart and I hit the Slick for the last 2 days, both days on 4.7.  The wind direction stayed basically the same for both days, too, so we had a chance to really dial in a “course” of ridiculously flat water.  And now, we’ve both got Grubby’s pretty confidently in the bag!  Stuart on both tacks, and I’m still stubbornly starboard…  I’m stoked, for sure.  And I owe Stuart a huge thanks for keeping the motivation up!

Here’s a few image grabs of yesterday’s massively overpowered slick sesh:

Tight quarters…
Slickety slick….
 Stu (up ahead) halfway through…

Moments before disaster (Flaka attempt)

I know most of you guys only like to come during April and October, but Hatteras absolutely HOWLS the whole rest of the year (except August)….  For example, in the last 2 weeks, I’ve had 2×3.7 sessions, 2×4.2 sessions, 3×4.7 sessions, and 1×5.2 session.  And when the wind hasn’t blown, the surf has been super fun and glassy.  We definitely can’t complain!  Come join us for some fun!!

5 Replies to “Progression!!”

  1. Are you going to be there between Christmas and New Years? Might make the journey if its not freezing cold or nasty weather.

  2. This weedends predicted cold snap at the obx is most unfortunate for yours truly. I'm hoping for warmer weather after Christmas like tippy turtle…

  3. Hey Mac- Negative! But don't let that stop you… (nor nasty weather forecasts)

    Ralph- Cold snap schmold schnap. Buy some booties, hood and mittens and you're good to go! Hope to see ya out there!

  4. brrr…but hey it's wind! we're having huge waves with not much wind but hey it's paradise. happy holidays!

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