Super Windy Wednesday Video

This video is long, but I think you’ll like it.  Gather up your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and pets.  Pour everyone some eggnog (but leave the rum out of Junior’s).  Load the video, and turn up the volume.  If you aren’t enjoying the action, then close your eyes and absorb Tchaikovsky’s soundtrack.  Enjoy!

Super Windy Wednesday from Andy McKinney on Vimeo.

Everyone please say “Thank You” to Ace, because without his generosity this video (or any of the last half dozen videos for that matter) wouldn’t exist!

Happy Holidays Everyone!  There’s still time to ship stuff out before Christmas, so shoot me a note if you’re in need of a windsurf board to put under the tree.

8 Replies to “Super Windy Wednesday Video”

  1. nice andy! frisco george gettin on it! sweet.
    Assateague will be firing tomorrow, again.

  2. Hey, just like Windows 7 was My idea, putting classical music to some windsurfing was Also mine.

    Thanks for sharing once again. It WAS really windy.

  3. Timing of the cymbal crash with the sailor crash was cool. Coincidence?

    I just took my family to see the terrestrial version of the Nutcracker yesterday.

  4. magnifique!

    When are you all accepting orders for a full length Hatteras DVD?

    Has me psyched for the Windfest and spring trip.

  5. great video! I had no idea you were shooting… I was actually a bit out of the comfort zone that day… you guys were making it look fun… so i finally went out…best footage I've seen of this ol string monkey… interesting how different it looks from the beach… thanks!!

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