I hate to say it, but I think today’s 20 minute sunset session completely and utterly trumped yesterday’s all day long 3.7 warm sunny blowout.  Let’s go through a checklist to try to quantify.

Was It:

  1. Windier?  No, not even close.  The winds hovered right around 20 knots this evening.
  2. Wavier?  No, it was flat with backwash voodoo chop.
  3. Warmer?  No, not even close.  My hands were freezing and I should have worn mitts.
  4. Of longer duration?  No no no no no.  20 minutes, tops.
  5. With more friends?   No, it was solo.
  6. Radder action?  No, all I did was mow the lawn.  I didn’t even get my hair wet.

So, by what quantifiable measure was tonight’s session even remotely better?  Well, none at all.  But sometimes you just can’t quantify the surprise of an unexpected sesh, the beauty of a setting sun, or the pure joy of experiencing the natural world while perfectly powered on a 4.7.

I forced myself to come in for 30 seconds to take this picture.  No more, no less.  Then it was right back out there for a few more blissful passes…

4 Replies to “Trumped”

  1. The sun setting over the Pamlico Sound, body feeling the joyous ache of the day's session, and a cold one in hand…that's just about perfection for me.

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