Windy Wednesday

***Update:  Dale sent in a few more pics!!  (Thurs, 9:30am) ***

Wow, it has just been howling out here on Hatteras Island!  I was smart enough to grab Anne’s 3.7 today, and I’m glad I did because I ended up using it pretty much all day long.  George, Jim K, Dale, Donny, Mark S, Freddy, and I hit the Hole in the warm, summer like SW winds.  It’s tough to believe that it’s December when the thermometer reads 70F…  We are LUCKY!!  I took a bunch of video footage that I’ll work through eventually, but in the meantime, check out these pics that Dale sent in:

Jim K and Mark S, full speed ahead!  Jim gets the biggest sail award with his 4.0!
Mark, 3.4 and 66 liters
George (3.7)
Me (3.7 and 80 liters)

Thanks Dale!!

Mid-afternoon, I snuck down to Old Lifeguard Beach and sailed a 4.2 for about half an hour with Thomas, Charlie, Dan, and Lane.  The waves were super clean and had nice size, probably a touch overhead in the better sets.  Slight equipment malfunction cut the sesh short, but that’s alright as it was time to get Anne on the water!

With an hour of daylight left, I ran back to the Hole and re-rigged Anne’s 3.7 for her.  She showed up, tossed on her wetsuit, and charged on out into some seriously gusty winds.  After she had had her fill, I decided to let her in on a little secret- All of the other (190 pound) guys out in the water were on 3.7s too!  She just smiled and asked for a 3.2 for Christmas…

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  1. I was down sailing in Rodanthe after picking up my new stick from Charlie. 4.1 and 84l all day Wooohooo!! Ill have some blog fodder up. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. oh the humanity! what strife. struggling to find a sail small enough. meanwhile at belews lake it was an absolute, complete and total SKUNK. i'm not bitter but i currently resent my job and am cynical about wind at belews :}

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