Cove Video!

It ended up blowing 4.7 all afternoon Thursday, so I spent a lot of time tuning up the 2010 Surge.  This sail is like a chameleon on the water depending on down and out haul combinations!  If anyone is looking for help getting a certain feel out of their World Sail please shoot me an email, but I’ve been really happy underdownhauling and adding a little extra outhaul for most applications.

Anyway, I tossed together a video from Wednesday’s Cove sesh!  Conditions were Super Freaking Windy out of the ESE, with fun waves in the chest to head high range.  Queue it up full screen, turn up the volume, grab a non-windsurfing co-worker, and press play:

Windsurfing 30+mph Winds in The Cove from Andy McKinney on Vimeo.

Everyone please say “Thank You” to Ace for loaning me his video camera!  I’m pretty sure he knows how sandy everything gets out here…

7 Replies to “Cove Video!”

  1. you're video editing skills are just about almost as good as your sailing skills. good stuff. your backloop bailout gave me chills, in a very good way. cya soon.

  2. Just awesome! Love the backloop crashes. Also, I know how hard it is to control going down the line when there is some onshore to the breeze and that much. Cool stuff

  3. Andy that was Way Cool!! Your video work has gotten so good I felt right there!! In a good way. Thanks for the lunch time fun.

  4. Andy-i scored epic waves in assateague saturday, AND I strapped the go-pro on the mast. had some great rides, and the video is ok, but I cant even come close to putting something together that does any justice to the action, so i'm not even gonna try.

    I'll let the pics to the talking.

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