Holiday Reading

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  For my international readers: Thanksgiving is all about sharing and being thankful for what you have, and has roots in the US’s adolescent history when the first European settlers were getting their feet underneath them.  Basically, everyone just gets together with family and friends, watches some football, drinks some beer, and eats a lot of delicious food.  It’s really fun!

In honor of the tradition, let’s all take a step back for a minute and think about who and what we truly love, and give thanks for those parts of our lives.

And now that you’ve got a few days on your hands with nothing to do, check out the latest edition of Windsurfer International: (go ahead and click, even you non-windsurfers, it’s free to read and has great stories and photos from some amazing places all around the world)

I’m especially smitten with this Edition (#3), as it has a feature article about the Hatteras windsurfing scene and the Hatteras Wave Jam in particular.  It’s pretty cool to get some coverage on the event, as Bill Bell, Keith McCullough, Stuart Proctor and I have put a lot of time and effort into the whole thing (Bill especially).  So, thanks for writing about your experience George, thanks for tirelessly photographing the event Janice, and thanks for publishing the article Brian!!

I know a lot of you Northerners are starting to think winter, but bear in mind, there is LOTS of windsurfing season left down here on Hatteras.  For proof, check it out- the hibiscus plant on my porch is still flowering!  If that doesn’t scream “Warm enough to windsurf” I don’t know what does!

And check out this picture of the moon from last night:

Coming up:  Looks like a very windy end of the week!!  That’s a nice compliment to the  


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  1. Also you should mention that Thanksgiving has historically howled! Gonna be a rockin couple of days here at end of the week! woohooo! Live2sail

  2. Nice article, great exposure! Congrats to everyone who organized the events. (And PS, that magazine has a very cool online format. I'm really impressed.)

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