Loop Face

My, oh my, it has been windy…  Until today.  But that’s okay, because we needed a break anyway.  I strapped up Stuart with the GoPro camera yesterday for his Buxton Slick Sesh on a 4.7.  Check out his flat water loop face:

Haha, nice!!  I took a bunch of footage of him from shore, too, with Ace’s hand-me-down video camera (THANKS ACE!!!) but it’s going to take me a while to get around to editing anything. 

In the meantime, check out this video from the Reunion Wave Classic.  These guys scored some unbelievable conditions, it’s pretty insane, really.  Chargin’ it, too!!  Bear in mind, the wave breaks over a really shallow, urchin infested reef.  Yikes!!  My vote for best overall rider goes to Alex Mussolini, mostly for his smooth, yet aggressive, style…  For example, his wave that starts at 1:20… unreal!!  Although, it might be Thomas Traversa on Alex’s gear, so, uhhh, yeah, maybe Thomas gets my vote.  Don’t skip out on the video’s ending, either.  Watch it all the way through for the grand finale!

Ravine on Fire from Arnaud on Vimeo.

Wicked, eh??  (For my Canadian readers, haha)

In other news, the shop will be closed on Sunday the 8th, because Drew and I are going up to Manteo to cheer on our ladies as they run in the OBX Marathon!!  Wooohoooo!!  These gals have been training hard.  I think we’re going to see some new personal bests!  Wish them luck!