Super Fun Morning at The Cove!

***Update 10/18/09*** Check out the re-cut on the vid! (It’s not really different, just smoother edits)

I Love Windsurfing At The Cove!  That place is just so much fun.  Soft, easy waves, lots of jumps, and down the line rides…  What a rad place!

It started off pretty small yesterday, so I sailed the freestyle board for awhile.  It actually worked really well on the soft waves, but I don’t know if I’d ever take it out on a more critical day.  Once the wind came up a bit and the waves built, I switched over to the Pocket 80 and had an insanely fun time!  There were lots of folks out, I think I counted about 10 windsurfers and another 10 or 12 kites at one point, which got a bit crowded, but no-one was really stepping on any toes or anything so it worked out alright.  Here’s the scene:

And a cool shot of Lane:

And here’s some GoPro boom cam video:

I just want to shout out a major “Thank You” to Keith, Rick, and an unknown kiter who helped me get my board back after I had a little separation issue…  Much appreciated, folks, thanks for keeping an eye out!!

Cheers, to many more days just like that!!!!