North Winds =


It’s been windy, every day!  In the last post I made the claim that I hadn’t put on a wetsuit yet.  Well, yeah, that’s all changed.  I’ve been suited up every day since!  I had a few Lighthouse sessions, in pretty weak waves but it’s all good.  Here’s an image grab from some boom video:

See the Lighthouse in the background?

Yesterday was pretty solid, too, NNW in the AM so I went to the Hole and threw down some freestyle.  The crowds were building just as I had to leave, but I took a few little video clips of Andy Brandt, Dave C, and West Coast Meredith on my way out.

Andy Brandt Old School at the Hole from Andy McKinney on Vimeo.

Speaking of Andy Brandt, he threw down a huge windsurfing clinic at the shop last night.  I counted over 60 people before everyone even showed up, at which point it was impossible to even try to count!  I’m stoked that everyone came out, it was a great time and I think everyone picked up a tip or two. Hopefully, they’re all out on the water trying some new tricks right now!!

The forecast is looking… interesting… ?  Keep an eye out for soundside flooding Thursday night/Friday morning…