Sorry, but…

…I’ve gotta rub it in!!  Two things:

  1. I haven’t put on a wetsuit since May.
  2. It’s been howling!!

Last night and this morning were just awesome- Well powered 5.5 and 5.0 respectively,  trunks and shirtless, freestylin’ it up at the Canadian Hole with lots of people out and about on the water.  If you’re here, you’re stoked!  If you’re not here, well….  Get Here and Join Us!!  It looks like it’s going to be a great week to be on Hatteras Island!

Check the forecast here.

And, an announcement:

Earlier, I announced a few free evening clinics at the shop with Andy Brandt.  Surprise! We’ve got an addition to the list!  Tuesday, October 13th at 7 PM!  Be there, or be not as good at windsurfing as everyone who was there.