So I’ve been pretty locked up in that shop… Combined with the shorter days, it’s been a bit tough to hit the water…  But I did snag 5 minutes of 4.2 weather Wednesday morning after teaching Craig some waterstarting techniques.  I really enjoy sailing, even if it’s only for a few minutes.  Sometimes the short sessions are the best- just go out and throw down for five or ten minutes, make it happen as best as you can, and then go ahead with the rest of your day feeling revitalized and ready to rock and roll!

These guys were probably feeling the same way about their SUP sesh tonight:

One of the reasons I’ve been locked up at the shop is because it’s pre-season time of year- as in, now is when we’re placing orders for our 2010 shop goodies…  So if you’ve been eyeing anything up or are in need of a new board or sail, please give me a call so that we can discuss your needs and make sure that your dream board actually exists come springtime!