Tabou Rocket 125

Quick update for y’all:

We’re back to the NE winds again!  It’s not really cranking, but there’s plenty of wind to sail.  I’ve gotta tell you guys about my lesson with Greg.  He’s been tooling around his local pond for a month and a half, and has caught the windsurfing bug pretty bad, so he decided to come to Hatteras on a whim.  He’s a natural- I got him beach starting, into the harness, and fully lit up over the course of just one hour!  He was going so fast that I couldn’t keep up on my freestyle rig!!  Needless to say, his smile was pretty big…  And I have a feeling he’ll be back to good ol’ Cape Hatteras…  He’s gonna have to feed the addiction… haha

After the lesson I ran down to the Lighthouse and sailed with Keith for a while.  It was pretty fun, although I was mostly schlogging.  The waves were about head high, and they were lined up for a few good hits.  Fun spot; we’re lucky to be getting loads of days there so far this fall!

Last night I ran down to the Hole and rigged up some freeride gear for a change-  Tabou Rocket 125 and a 6.1.  Man it was fun to just go fast and lay into some jibes!  That board is so smooth and fast, it’s ridiculous.  It’s in the demo fleet at Sailworld, so you can try it out the next time you’re in town.  Check out the short vid:

Sailing the Rocket 125 from Andy McKinney on Vimeo.