Argiope Aurantia

After our 11 day streak of Northerlies, we just made it through a few days of virtually zero wind.  Luckily, there has been some swell, so we’ve been surfing it up, dawn and dusk.  Got out on the SUP, too, and had a blast the other night.  Check out the vid:

Evening Surf from Andy McKinney on Vimeo.

Fun stuff!  Wendy and Roland were out last weekend, also, and just sent me a few pics.  Killin’ it!!  Check ’em out:

Wendy and her dolphin friends!  
 Anne and I have a hibiscus plant on our porch.  I’ve noticed that some of the leaves were looking chewed up lately.  This morning, I found the culprit:
And then I noticed this guy:
And then I went to get my board and almost walked straight into this little lady:
Eeeek!  That thing is the size of a tennis ball!!  Huge, and freaking scary.  So I looked it up, and it’s called an Argiope Aurantia- eeek!  Sounds scary, eh?  Then I got to the common name:  Yellow Garden Spider.   Not even remotely poisonous or lethal or territorial or anything.  Sheesh, what a letdown…  Stained the old underoos for nothing!