Can we please just go ahead and call it Fall already??

I just checked the iWindsurf archives, and it’s been blowing out of the North since Monday, August 31st. 11 days straight, with cooler temps, and punchy wind. I think we can go ahead and just say that we’ve moved on from summer… And right into one of my favorite times of year!! Yeehaw!

Tuesday, September 10th, iWindsurf meters

Donny Bowers at the Hole

Anne, 3.7 and 75 combo

Jim Krenzel

Anne, Mach 2 Jibe…

…Attempt 🙂

Don’t forget to smile!

It felt too windy to do much more than loop and hero jibe!

After the big winds, it faded and went west… with a leftover northeast swell… which equals insane surf conditions! Again, the sacrifices were many- buckled and broken boards, and a bit of slice and dice action on some legs. Coulda been much much worse, but Stuart ended up with 11 stitches! Again!! More on that later…

That’s way bigger than it looks…

Oh yeah- more insane sunsets, to boot!

Wave Jam is fast approaching! If you don’t have your travel plans, you’d best get on it!! Free in-store wave sailing clinic on Friday, September 25th, 7 PM. And the competition is scheduled for that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday… Cross the fingers for waves and wind!!