Tropical Storm??

Hey hey- Hope y’all had a great weekend! First off- Thanks to everyone who took advantage of the Labor Day Sale!! I truly appreciate your business!! And if you’re still thinking about something, just give me a call, I’ll get you hooked up with the goods!!

Secondly- we scored some seriously beautiful sunsets for about 4 evenings straight! Check ’em out:

2nd night

4th night. Big file, grab yourself a new desktop!

Third- I think we’re in the midst of a tropical storm! It feels like it, at least. We had huge thunderstorms last night, an insane amount of rain, the road is completely flooded in Avon, there was some solid wind damage in Buxton this morning, and the (cranking) wind started East, veered NE, to Due North, and is supposed to finish off at NW this evening. Looking at the radar, there was definitely something that looked like a center of rotation, slowly floating by just offshore… Hmmmmm…..

Anyway, Stuart, Jim, Jim and I chased Keith down to the Southside but were too late to catch it. Stuart and I tried, but the wind had gone extremely straight offshore, and was super fluky and gusty inside the impact zone. We’ll just say that it was a whole heck of a lot of work… But we each caught a wave, so whatever, it’s always worth it. Here’s Keith while the wind was still about 10 degrees off of straight offshore:

Go Keith GO!!

Pretty lines…

So now I’m going to go grab Anne from school, and we’re gonna hit the Hole for the sunset NW sesh!! Woohoo!!