Lighthouse Video

Well the Lighthouse was working pretty well the last few days! When the wind stays more North than NE the swell never really pushes in the right direction to wrap around to the southside, so side/side on at the Lighthouse is pretty much the only option… Not that I’m complaining! The Lighthouse is pretty darned fun when it all lines up… The waves are a lot heavier than they look, and a little tricky to be in the right spot, so you do have to plan ahead a bit (especially with the whole current + light wind inside thing), but when it all lines up it’s pretty sweet, with long down the line rides and sometimes some absolutely huge jumps…

I caught a little bit of footage with the GoPro camera. Of course, the half hour when the wind bumped up to the “lit” level was after the batteries died… Never fails… haha! But there’s still some cool stuff in there… Check it out!

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse from Andy McKinney on Vimeo.

I caught a few pictures of Keith, too, before I went out last night (my trigger finger wasn’t timing it right, Keith was making some sweet turns right before and after these shots):

The scene at The Jetty

Next up?? Keeping an eye on Erika