Summer Swell

The first swell of the summer has arrived……. Life is good! We’ve had days and days of fun swell, with some wind mixed in here and there for sailing, and even some light west to clean it up for some butter smooth surfing……. ahhhhhhhhh…….. I’m sooooo tired….

We didn’t think to stop and take any pictures until after we had had our fill and it started to back off a bit and get bumpy… So these are representative of some of the worst conditions from the last four or five days!! Yow! Anne is responsible for most of the pics taken from land (Thanks Anne!)

Keith, Ken and I sailed one of the first days in super light on-side-on wind. I tried a 5.7 on the Pocket 80. Man, that board schlogs like a champ! I think a 5.5 would be perfect… I’m gonna have to update my quiver a bit.



Author again

On to the Surf! I have no idea how many waves or even how many boards I’ve ridden… Shortboards, longboards, SUPs… They’ve all been in the mix!






Happy Anne!


Laura on a looooooong one!


Looks like wind this afternoon and tomorrow! Some of this swell might stick around, so it should be FUN! See ya out there : )