Wee Waves (video)

I know I said that summer was here last time, but now it’s really here… The only place that it really shows is at the Food Lion, in the form of huge lines and bare shelves. So we usually shop at the Village Grocery, at the northern traffic light in Avon. Better food, no lines. Just a head’s up, in case you want to support a local business and don’t want to spend all day getting your groceries : )

Fun little waves, and a bit of wind lately, although I’ve been getting scammed by some 6PM thunderstorms rolling in across the sound right at closing time… So this morning, I’m finishing my coffee and getting out there, no matter what!

I did put a camera on my noggin for a sunset SUP the other night. Check it out:

Piddly knee high SUP from Andy McKinney on Vimeo.

I’ve been teaching lots of beginner lessons, too. I’m a one man show at the shop these days… Putting in the hours, for sure. It’s fun to get out there and spread the stoke around though, so I don’t mind the long days! Check out Michelle, grinning ear to ear after learning heli-tacks on day one!

Now that’s a happy camper!

Swing on by the shop and get yourself and/or a friend signed up! Time to learn the most fun sport in the world! See ya out there 🙂