I have zero action pictures for you… but trust me, it has been super fun down here lately! We’ve been surfing and sailing our butts off, every free moment! I can’t claim any epic conditions, but it sure has been fun… Lots of SW wind last week, some great freestyling weather, and a big blow on Friday finally kicked up a little swell. Stuart and I sailed most of the afternoon at “The Bush” aka “alter-ego” aka “across the street from D’s spot.” There was a short guest appearance by Keith, too, but he bolted pretty quickly. It’s a fun little spot, although a bit inconsistent on the sets and gusty on the wind. Those are the conditions that really make you adapt a lot and therefore learn a lot, though, so I’m not going to complain! It was fun to share the water with some kites, too, including Jay, Lane, Pam, Brad, George, Dan, and some others that I didn’t recognize. Good to see y’all out in the side-off!

Oh wait- here’s a helmet cam image grab from some Canadian Hole freestyle action the other night:

3/4 of the way through a one handed spock

I’m happy to report CRYSTAL clear water. I’m talking the kind of crystal clear where you can see little pebbles on the sandbar, 8 feet deep crystal clear. It’s downright gorgeous. While sitting out a lull in the sets last night, two little 2″ long brown and yellow striped fish decided to seek sanctuary around the nose of my board. It was really interesting to watch them dart around with all of the currents and little bits of wave energy pushing them around, yet they never drifted more than 6 inches away from the nose of my board. I was thoroughly entertained, until a big set wave woke me up from my trance by crashing on my head…

Speaking of gorgeous, a few little rain showers here and there and some nice warm intermittent sunshine has made the flower gardens spring to life. I felt bad for y’all, not having any action pictures to share, so I snapped off a few pics of the flora around my house. Enjoy!

Maybe some more moderate SW this week, and the end of the week is looking great for wind! Swing on by the shop and grab the Serenity or a stand up paddleboard if you’re jonesin’ to hit the water!