Sanity Savers, AKA…

…SUPs. They turn mediocre conditions into really fun days on the water!!

That Starboard Drive 10’5″ has been treating me REALLY well the last few days! We’ve had beautiful days with light winds and about waist high surf, and that board has kept a huge smile on my face! Stuart and I went sailing on the SUPs the other night in a sideshore wind, about 5 gusting to 12 or 14. We each caught about a thousand waves, and got crushed a few times, too! Those things keep you honest, for sure! Still, there’s no other style of board that would have worked better for the conditions, so I’m stoked that I’ve got it at my disposal… Swing on by the shop and try it out some time, I guarantee you’ll have fun!

Friday saw some good Southwest wind. There were a whole bunch of people out at the Hole on anything from 4.2 up to 6.0, as it was pretty gusty. I split the difference and had a good time on 5.0 and the 100. No complaints!

Last night was really fun. The swell dropped out to pretty much nothing, and the wind was super light, so we loaded up the truck with SUPs, some charcoal, a grill (thanks Tim!!), and a cooler full of beer meat and veggies and headed out to the beach. It ended up being a beautiful night for a paddle, with crystal clear bluish green water and a nice clear sky. Drew, Ralph and I had some fun paddling around and watching the schools of spanish mackeral swim under the boards. Wish I had brought a fishing pole to go trolling! Oh well, maybe next time…

Drew, Laura, Banana, Anne, Moi, Leah, Ralph (L-R)

It’s SW at about 20 right now… and the forecast actually looks halfway decent for the next week or so… So come on out and join us for some fun!!