Hatteras has a few visitors!

Happy Mother’s Day!! I was in charge of mailing out the cards for Anne’s mom and mine… and totally messed up… Sorrrrryyyyy!! You’ll get your cards really soon, I promise! (What a jerk! it must’ve been windy the day I was supposed to send them out…haha) Here’s some of the fam around Christmastime a few years ago:

Clockwise: Mom, me, Jim, Pauline

I got bombarded with so many phone calls and text messages yesterday that I just couldn’t take it anymore and closed the shop to take a lunch break session. Well, my allotted hour quickly turned into 3!! Whoops! It was simply too beautiful outside to go back to the shop and sit around inside all afternoon… Sunshine, warm air and water (I sailed in trunks!!), 4.2 wind, and fun little waves made for a great afternoon on the water.

Lots of people out on the water, including (among others) Keith, Olaf, Rick, Chad, Charlie, Stuart (eventually), and…… PWA sailor Graham Ezzy!! The stress of studying for his upcoming final exams got to him, so he bolted to Hatteras for the weekend to get some sailing in and decompress a little bit. Nothing like a little windsurfing to set your mind straight; I’m sure he’ll do much better on his tests now!

Anyway, everyone was sailing great out there, but Graham was KILLIN’ it! He was fun to watch. Where someone would get a 3 or 4 foot jump, Graham would chuck a 10 foot stalled forward loop or perfect push loop. And where someone would straighten out and head for the beach, Graham would take one more turn and throw a taka off the lip. It was pretty inspiring, and he definitely made me want to up my game a bit!

I would’ve loved to get some pictures…

but Anne had my camera……..

…… at the ABK Clinic she’s taking this weekend!! I’m so jealous, it’s ridiculous. She and about 15 other attendees scored a day of serious wind (3.7) and sunshine! Anne claims to have dialed in her planing jibes, duck jibes, chop hops, and learned to jump jibe!! And apparently, Andy taught her something else really cool, too, but she won’t tell me what. I think she wants to wait for the perfect moment to chuck it in my face and surprise me! She must’ve been trying something cool out there because she came home with skinned knees and a smile on her face! Can’t wait to see it!

I feel bad for you guys, with no pics or anything, so here’s a little video from some footage I shot a few weeks ago. It’s Stuart and I, sailing up at Ramp 34, in some pretty strong SW winds. It’s pretty indicative of the type of conditions we’ve had for the last few weeks- Lots of SW wind, and small, weird waves. Anyway, Enjoy!

Ramp 34 “wave” sailing from Andy McKinney on Vimeo.