Record Profits from Windsurfing Sales!!

This morning, Sailworld was worth 9 million dollars! Unfortunately, the nice woman at the bank decided to correct the mistake she had made with my deposit, so we were only a multi-million dollar company for about 2 minutes. (dang-it!)

Once again, I got scammed by mid day winds that faded at 5, and a long day stuck at work… But, all my customers have been stoked (and limping, with blistered hands, broken ribs, stitches, etc), so it’s fine because I know they’re having a killer time out there!! In any case, all this wind has kicked up a nice sized swell, so Stuart, Drew and I caught a few lumpy bombs this evening. It felt great to get in the water on a surfboard… Man it’s been a long time… its been soooo windy!! The bod feels great, just from an hour’s worth of paddling around. It evens you right up after windsurfing so much!

More wind tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday! Good time to GET HERE!! Don’t forget to sign up for the ABK Clinic!!