Wave schlogging when it’s blowing 30

Business first, then pleasure!

Tons of new stuff for you guys to check out at the shop! New Gaastra, New Starboard, New RRD, and more…. Come check it out!

Gaastra Plasma 8.3, Technora, rigs on a 460!! $928

Gaastra Manic HD, bombproof with a light feel in the hands $640

Gaastra Poison, powerful wave sail $661

Truckload of new Starboards!!

Moving on, to the Pleasure:

It has been unbelievably windy down here in Hatteras! I’ve been grabbing dawn and dusk sessions, which timing wise has been a bit of a bummer because the wind has been light, while mid day, all day, it’s been blowing 30+….. but, whatever, it’s still fun to get out there and catch some waves or work on the freestyle! Here are a bunch of pics from the weekend (taken by either Anne or me)

Dawn Sesh! Small Waves, Medium wind

Sunset Sesh, Super light wind wave schlog. I’m getting a great feel for that Tabou Pocket 80! (It Rips)

Keith schlogged around, too

And was killin’ it with all of his normal style

Ken K, rigged and ready, dawn sesh

I’m loving this new board! Even at 80 liters it’s uphaul-able and schlogs like a champ!


Birthday Boy Stuart!!

Sunset wave schlog. Check out Rick on the right hand side of the pic!

Olaf on the face!

Even though the wind was light and the waves were small, I’m still adept at making big splashes!


That’s better!

Rick has been all over the place, emailing me about all his exploits in the wind!

Small, mushy, and surprisingly fun!

Coming up-

More SW!!

ABK Boardsports is holding a clinic this weekend, Friday through Sunday. Sign up and reap the benefits of instruction from the best coaches in the Americas! We may have a free in store evening clinic as well, but we’re not sure on the timing of that yet… Will keep you informed!

Lots of other’s Hatteras experiences are showing up on the net… Check out this thread for some cool pics and stories. And don’t forget to read through this thread for a pretty candid look at Mike’s Hatteras vacation (and a review of the Jibe lesson he and Gary took from me). And don’t forget to check out the great pics and Loop success story written by Ken on Live2Sail!! Good stuff, I’m glad you guys are all having such a great time down here!

Hope to see the rest of you soon!