They’re here……………….


I’m a lucky guy. Usually, when you get a new high wind stick, it kills the wind and you just have to stare at it for weeks on end until the wind gods smile upon you. Well, I must have done something right, because yesterday my new 80 liter Tabou Pocket showed up, and it just happened to be gusting into the 40s all afternoon!

Awwww yeah!!

I’ll tell ya, 5 o’clock could not come fast enough!! At closing time, I raced on down to the Hole and rigged up Anne’s 3.7. The straight west wind was kicking up some fun swell and pushed the water all the way up the beach to the parking lot bulkhead. It was a little hectic for the first sesh on a new stick, but what the heck, might as well jump right in, right?

Light and balanced (photo: Dan Kramer [Thanks Dan!!!])

Some impressions: Smooth and Fast!! Even though the Pocket is officially a wave board, the sucker really does have some speed built in to it, making it a great option for bump and jumpers. Freestyle, you ask?? My first mild attempt at a vulcan instantly slid all the way through a full spock… effortlessly! And with a wave fin, nonetheless! Hmmmm, does it jibe? The harder you push it, the slashier it becomes!! And does it jump? Well… yeah!!

Slishy Slashy (original photo: Dan Kramer; but I’m responsible for messing it up with photoshop)

I can’t wait to get this thing on a wave face, where it’s true beauty will really shine!!

Speaking of wave faces, Rick sent me a note saying the South side got pretty big in the afternoon… He spent most of his time out on the monstrous third bar, well powered on his 4.2! This pic is of his friend Peter inside on the second bar:

Billy Mitchell looking gnarly! (Photo: Rick Eustis)

So, my board wasn’t the only one to show up…. We received a whole range of Tabous for y’all to check out the next time you’re here in Hatteras! Available to demo (left to right in the picture): Pocket 80 and 85, Freestyle 100, 3S 97 and 107, Rocket 115, 125, and 135!! These boards are sick, all you have to do is hop on one and you’ll feel the Tabou love instantly! I must warn you, however, that you’ll dread getting back on your beloved Astrorock after riding one of these beauts… hahaha : )

Come and get ’em!