Super Windy Thursday

Super Windy Thursday was pretty good, folks! If you were here and caught it, you’re stoked right now! If you weren’t here, well, what the heck are you waiting for?! Get here already!

I woke up early and checked the Lighthouse, but it was already pretty dumpy and heavy looking (although dead low tide didn’t help). The risk to rad ratio was looking a little skewed towards the carnage side, so I ran back to the Hole and caught a solo sesh on 4.2 until Alex came out and joined me. My energy level was pretty low, as I’m just getting over a little cold (damn tourists, haha), but it was great weather to dial in the looping technique for the Wave Jam Clinic that I hosted last night.

A few more people showed up by the time I was heading to work. Here’s a piece of the scene:

Alex on the orange sail, Cliff and friend hiding in the lee

Brett was cool enough to let me run down to Isabel’s in the afternoon, where I sailed with Bill, Olaf, Keith, and Nico. It was pretty fun down there, with super easy waves and strong wind. It reminded me a lot of Tropical Storm Noel, minus about 3 meters of swell and 10 knots of wind!! For some reason, I spent a lot of time down in the impact zone (?) but I scored some awesome views of everyone ripping down the line and making some sweet turns (if only I were a cameraman)! Good stuff, for sure! As a matter of fact, it was enough fun to make us completely lose track of time…

It was pretty out there, for sure. Here are a few pics of Bill that I shot off before rigging up:

Frisco Pier in the background

These folks have probably been married for 40 years (just a guess, of course)

Looking towards Hatteras Village

Fun, Easy wavesailing!

Isabel’s is a good 20 minute drive from the shop, and when I got out of the water and checked the clock, still suited up and with a sail to de-rig, it read 6:42… And the clinic that I was hosting was starting at 7! Doh! So after a lightning fast de-rig and de-suit, and luckily no speeding tickets, I rolled into a crowded shop 15 minutes late and taught about 25 oddly patient and stoked people how to chuck their first forward loop! Yeeeeehaw!

Anyway, now that Super Windy Thursday is over and done with, we’re looking forward to lots of wind early next week… It’s a good time to get here folks… Swing by the shop and say hello, or sign yourself up for a lesson- let’s get those loops dialed in!!