Schlog a 5.7 on 75 liters??

I know I’ve been bombarding you guys with stories about the ranginess of today’s gear… But I think it’s really pretty interesting, and could help you guys plan out your personal quivers a little differently. So here’s the latest story:

Yesterday afternoon, the wind puffed up a bit out of the NW. There was a fun little south swell out there, so Olaf, Chip, Brett and I “sailed” at Ramp 34. I use quotes because it was pretty weird out there, with virtually no wind, current running in odd directions, voodoo chop, and drifty wave peaks moving around and faking you out…

Anyway, in the spirit of getting everyone out there, Brett used the 95 liter board that I had brought, which left me with a ’09 RRD FSW 75. I had a 5.7 rigged, and actual wind on the water was about 10 with an occasional gust to the high teens. Even at just 55 cm, that 75 liter board handled great, and felt pretty well balanced with that 5.7! Who’da thunk it? It eeked up onto a plane in those gusts, and schlogged like a champ in the lulls.

Was it the perfect board for the conditions? Absolutely not. But it still worked reasonably well…

Now, this morning, it’s blowing 29 to 39 mph. I’m gonna go use the same board again, but I think I’ll rig a smaller sail this time : )

See y’all out there!!