I’m claiming it, folks:

Today was the most fun windsurfing day of 2009!! Yeeehaw!!

And I’ve got a mild sunburn, raw hands, a sore body, and a fat lip to prove it.

First of all, we had wind. And PLENTY of it (lit up 4.2 ALL DAY)! Second, we had company! The morning session at the Hole was FUN, because there was a small crowd of super amped up people to share it with! I’m glad y’all made it down/over/out to catch this rad day! Third, we had waves, to boot! That’s a recipe for a fantastic day…

Moments of note:

1) Chatting with people other than the three I’ve been hanging out with all winter. (no offense to those three)
2) Catching a few logo-ish high down the line rides with Stuart, Jim K, and Olaf.
3) Watching Dave C. make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a 13″ weed fin instead of a knife.
4) Watching Anne TEAR IT UP on a new 75 liter RRD/3.7 combo with smoke on the water gusts pushing through!
5) Screaming at the top of my lungs at Stuart to get him to chuck something huge off a logo high wave. He threw a weird back/push loop thing and actually sailed away from it! At which point I realized, that in order to be fair, I had to chuck something huge off the next one… A big delayed forward fit the bill… with a perfect landing nonetheless! Yeehaw!!
6) Watching Ralph get lit up on the smallest gear he’s ever used!
7) Sailing my Tabou 100 liter freestyle board for hours in gusts over 40, totally in control!! (Until the whole fat lip thing happened)
8) Dodging a pod of dolphin while careening down the face of a head high wave!
9) There are so many more rad moments from today’s uber long sessions (about an 8 hour total of watertime for me!!!)… the list is honestly endless!!

If you also sailed today, I’d love to read your additions to the list of awesome moments!!

I shot some tailgate video today, but I’m too tired to look at it tonight. And there were a few photographers hanging out at Ego Beach, too. So, if anything came out, I’ll be sure to post it up! Also, check out Bill’s coverage of the Northern sites. And George’s coverage of Delaware. Sounds like they had a great time up there, too! Anywhere else on the Eastern Seaboard go off today??