Back on Familiar Sand

I made it back to Hatteras, with little trouble… except for getting caught with the fresh oranges, limes, and lemons I had stashed in my carry-on. I had time to step aside in the security area and eat one of the oranges, but had to throw the rest away 🙁 It was unbelievably juicy, and I made a total mess of myself just peeling the darned thing. The lady operating the x-ray machine took pity on me and offered some paper towels 🙂

Four airports and many many many hours later, I crossed the Oregon Inlet Bridge and breathed a sigh of relief, as I was finally back home… Just in time to catch a classic Hatteras Sunset…

It’s still standing!

Looks like SW this afternoon, and then a massive batch of NE for the next few days! Time to get the East Coast Spring Season started!! Anyone care to join?!?!