Mm mm mm mm….

…Made it to Maui!! After 20 long hours of traveling, Casey picked me up at the airport, and 15 minutes later I had a Manic 5.0 rigged on a Pocket 85 at Kanaha! Unbelievable!! Nothing like some wind and crystal blue water to wash off the airplane funk!

Casey gave me a quick tour- we briefly hit uppers, and then shot down to lowers and joined the crowd for a few waves. Nothing epic, pretty onshore and garbled, but a heck of a lot of fun!! No complaints from me, that’s for sure!!

I’m writing this from the back porch of the unbelievable pad I’m staying at. Truly beautiful, simple, idyllic. More on the digs later. Right now I just want to mention the sound of the breeze rustling the tree tops, and the smells of lush vegetation and fruit trees wafting through the air. Perfect!!