December, and the 2008 Wrap-Up… (Super-boring post)

The whole point of the wrap-up is to serve as a reference for people thinking about coming to Hatteras. Hopefully, it’ll give you an idea of what to expect, on a month by month basis! Unfortunately, it’s pretty boring to write and read about… but then, I’ve never read a reference book that wasn’t boring, so I guess I’m just keeping up with the rest of them…

December, by the numbers:

16 windsurf sessions (5.7 x8, 5.0 x6, 4.2 x2)
4 surf session
Suits: one session in a 6/5/4, eighteen in a 4/3, one in a 3/2
10 days off island for the holidays!

So, December was super windy, and not all that cold if I made it in a 4/3 for most of it (I tend to overdress). I missed a third of the month, too, so I’m sure the numbers would have been much higher had I been around…

And now, the 2008 Hatteras Wrap-Up:

My 2008 days on the water

The chart above shows the number of days per month I was able to hit the water for a good windsurf (5.7 and smaller sails) or surf (reasonably clean, surfable waves) session. I also included the number of rest or out of town days I had, because it’s possible that those days offered up some decent conditions that I may have missed. I was out of town a lot this past summer, usually there are more windy days than I’ve recorded here!

So, August pretty much sucked for wind, but that’s normal. Every other month offered up a ton of wind, especially when taking into account my rest days.

I haven’t included temperatures, because the suits are so freaking good these days that there’s no reason not to go out. But in general, my most used suits are probably:

January/February: 6/5/4
March/April: 4/3
May: 3/2, Shorty
June/July/August: Trunks
September: Shorty
October/November: 3/2
December: 4/3

So, come on down and join us this winter!! Don’t wait until April, keep an eye on that forecast, and ditch the skis one of these weekends! Shoot me a note if you’re coming down, I’ll keep you in the loop!