Momma Nature Is Handing Out Holiday Gifts

Anybody here on Hatteras has gotten some great Holiday Gifts from good ol’ Momma Nature over the last couple of days! I know the Northeast is getting slammed with ice and snow right now… but I gotta tell ya, it’s been 60 degrees, sunny and windy down here! Not to rub it in or anything… : )

Drew, Gary and I surfed the other day, head-ish high groundswell, and nice and clean with light offshore wind. It was lining up for some long, workable rights, and quick, steep lefts on the bar that we found. Bonus points if you can find Gary in the picture below:

Sunset surf, click to enlarge!!

Friday afternoon, the wind showed up! SW, warm, and slowly building throughout the afternoon. There was still a bit of swell left out there, but I really wanted to get some more time on my new freestyle board… So I did it all! Cape Hatteras is rad. I was able to sail 5.0 on the Tabou 100, flat water at the Hole, and then when the wind really cranked up, I just switched boards and walked across the street to Ego Beach! Gotta love the ease of variety! There were lots of people out enjoying the warm winds at the Hole, and smiles and hootin’ and hollerin’ all around! Sailors included (but aren’t limited to, sorry if I missed ya): Anne, Martine, Dave, George, Dale, Norm, Charlie, Dan, and just one visiting sailor!

Ego beach as the wind was filling in

Caleb, Norm, and Dan also went out at Ego, and just one kiter by the time we got on it. There was plenty of space out there, that’s for sure! Fun sesh, hitting up sketchy shorebreak waves in the chest to head high range, and some nice jumps lining up on the outer bar. As the sun started to set, I crossed back over to the Hole, and did some flat water blasting under one of the most incredible sunsets I’ve ever seen!

I mean really… Come on!!(Photo: Anne)

Dale and I stayed out until it was virtually pitch black. I just couldn’t give it up, lit up 5.0, warm, unreal sky…Are you kidding?!(Photo: Anne)

I woke up bright and early this morning to try to catch the clearing winds, but it faded pretty fast. I scored a few passes in the straps, but it was pretty light out there… I’ll tell you what, the sunrise made up for the lack of breeze!

Dawn at the Avon Pier

Looks like some more weather will be pushing through over the next few days, but I’m outta here! We’re headed up North to play in the snow and visit with Family and Friends! Can’t wait to see y’all! In the meantime, keep an eye on Bill’s blog to see what you’re missing!

Happy Holidays!