Catching Up…

Wow, the whole Holiday thing has been keeping me busy… No time to write!! By the way, there’s still time to send out Gift Certificates and/or product, in time for the Holidays, so give the shop a call or send me an email and place your orders!

Last week was pretty fun, although I must have angered the wind gods with something I said… For two days straight, every time I rigged up and got in the water, the wind died. It got to the point where Dave and Ralph were chasing me out of the parking lot, before I had a chance to mess it up for everyone…

Here they are, ripping around, well juiced, 15 minutes before I hit the water and ruined it for everyone:
Dave, mid flat-water jibe

Ralph, in the straps and ripping

George, entertaining the “crowds”

Retribution came on Friday, when it blew 30-45 for a few hours in the AM. I think I’m getting old, because as I was loading up the truck, I hesitated as I walked by Anne’s 3.7… and I decided to take it! Did I rig it? Well, no, I just hung on to my 4.2, but the action of simply putting the thing in the truck was a pretty major admission of truth for me. I am getting dangerously close to the dirty 30s…

Ghost town, 60 degrees and blowing 30! Where is everyone?!

Ego Beach, looking seductive

Ralph shot a few minutes of video and sent me this short clip: (Thanks, Ralph)

Speaking of video, I’ve put some of my previous ones up on The original files that I uploaded are exactly the same as the ones on youtube, but the quality is much better on vimeo! Check them out, here!

Other than that, Stuart and I snagged a killer Saturday, sailing in the AM and SUPping in the PM… Which had the effect of knocking me out before I could get to D’s Holiday Party, and I missed the Parade, too… Man… slacking!!

Blog special of the day: Starboard Flare 104 Wood (The link is to a review of a smaller 99 liter version, the 104 planes up even better)!! Freestyle boards are super fun and easy to sail, and I think everyone should own one! It’s hard to not plane out of a jibe on these things… Plus, you can rig small, light sails, and still outplane everyone on their 8.5 race sails! What’s not to like?! So here’s the deal- this board is brand new, although a previous model year, so we’re going to hook you up for $949!! Pick it up in the Spring, or I’ll ship it to ya, doesn’t matter, but get your name on this board!! Call the shop or send me an email!