Surprised Stoke-age!

Stoked on a surprise session yesterday! Cape Hatteras is such a rad place… All of the forecasts were calling for 5-10 all day long, but we got a surprise mid-day 20-25 two hour burst of wind! Good stuff, straight West, so Stuart and I sailed the Slick down in Buxton. My good ol’ VT sailing buddy Don showed up on his kite for a little while, too. Our differing geographic home bases were readily apparent: Stuart and I were wearing 6 and 4 mil suits, respectively, with hoods, boots, and mittens, while Don was ripping around wearing nothing but trunks…

2nd topic of stokage: We just got the December issue of the New England Windsurfing Journal in the mail! I wrote a piece about a speed sailing session from about a month ago, and both Keith and I got some great Lane DuPont photos published! Stoked! Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Out into the gnar we went! Visions of reeling, mast-high lefts led me down to Isabel’s, where, not surprisingly, I met up with a handful of other windseekers searching for the perfect setup. Running over the dunes, our eyes met with…

Wanna know what happens next? Get a subscription (or order a copy through the shop)!

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