Saving a Sailboat. Take 2.

So, pulling the beached 50′ sailboat back into the water didn’t work. It survived the last batch of NW wind and solid NE swell, but got pushed another 20 feet up towards the dunes. The steering mechanisms are now completely shot, so now the plan is to tow it off the beach on dry land. Apparently, the owner can’t afford the process, so he had to sign ownership of the boat over to the towing company. Kind of a bummer, but hey, it’s a lesson learned. They don’t call it the Graveyard of the Atlantic for nothing… I’d say he got off pretty easy, as he’s still living…

They brought out the big rigs

And Mr Fixit showed up to help!

They created an I-Beam frame

Luckily the beach is wide and flat right now!

It’s still on the beach, but down towards Ramp 38 now. I guess they have to step the masts and get it “road ready” before they tow it down the highway. Hopefully they can get her seaworthy again, and maybe she’ll have better luck the next time around!