Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday, Dad! I hope you have a great day today. Can’t wait to see you guys over Thanksgiving dinner!

I can’t let you get away unscathed, Dad, so I’m going to show everyone a short video of you and Mom tearing up the dance floor last spring. Looks like you’ve still got it!

While that’s loading up, let me tell y’all about how good the surf has been the last few days! We’ve had pretty glassy conditions out there, and two straight days of perfect longboard waves. Think Malibu, but going left. Super fun (Thanks for the call, Dan)! This morning, everything switched around and intensified a bit, so we took out the shortboards and caught some really long, fun rights. The lefts were still working, too, but they were a lot shorter and steeper. Drew and I just finished up a drift session, we went from the Motels down to about D’s Spot, and caught countless waves. What a way to start the day!